In 2010, Polestar Space Application Limited was appointed as the Application Service Provider (ASP) for Bangladesh Flag Authority by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Seasafe is the country representative of Polestar Space Applications Limited in Bangladesh. Seasafe has successfully carried out over 40 LRIT conformance tests for Bangladesh flag alone.

The SOLAS V/19-1 Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulation entered into force on the 31-December 2008. The introduction of LRIT has enabled the monitoring of vessels at sea and provides an identification of potential threats.

If ship-owners and ship managers wish to test their fleet’s LRIT-compliance, we can arrange to carry out an Equipment Compliance Test and issue the Test Report. In the event that the existing equipment is non-compliant, we can supply compliant equipment and arrange for the equipment installation through our own trained technicians.


Why Test with Polestar?

  • Specialist provider of maritime vessel tracking systems
  • Authorised Service Provider for over 90 Flags
  • Secure web-based system with easy-to-use interface for LRIT testing and review by ship operators
  • Authorised to issue Conformance Test Reports on behalf of most Flags
  • 24/7 operations support
  • Initiate tests at a time convenient to your schedule
  • Tests normally completed and results emailed within 48 hours
  • Easy to understand error messages and suggested corrective action if a test fails
  • Ship operators who test their LRIT terminals with Pole Star will be offered a free trial of our commercial Fleet Management service